• We’re here because the fashion industry hasn’t got trousers right yet.

    The amount of women that find jeans and trousers are the hardest garment to shop for, as most just don’t fit right. [Mirror]

    The amount of women that say their biggest issue when shopping for clothes is finding trousers that fit both their waist and hips. [NY Post]

  • We’re here because the fashion industry is causing damage to our mental health.

    The amount of women of women who feel like there are no clothes made to fit their particular body type, believing it's their bodies that are the problem. [NY Post]

    The amount of adults who have experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings because of concerns about their body image. [Mental Health Foundation]

  • We’re here because the fashion industry is causing damage to the planet.

    The amount of carbon emissions that come from fashion related activity, making it the second highest polluting industry. [BBC]

    The amount of women who believe a garment is β€˜old’ after it’s been worn once or twice. [The Guardian]

What we stand for

We’re Party Pants, and we want to create trousers you can’t help but enjoy yourself in. What’s more we’re on a mission to build a future where an item of clothing can positively impact the life of an individual, their community and our shared planet.

Throughout history, women have worn trousers to challenge the status quo. Let’s wear trousers to make change again.

What we believe

We believe you deserve well-fitting, high quality, unique garments, that are designed with you in mind. We believe true love lasts a lifetime, and that clothes should never be considered disposable. We believe clothes should have a purpose, and that buying a garment is more than just a transaction. We believe clothes can allow an individual to thrive, while bringing people and communities together.

What we value

Our values guide the way we do business, how we talk to our customers and design our garments. There’s so much that is important to us, it’s hard to sum it up. But here’s a start.

Harnessing creativity

Celebrating individuality

Fostering confidence

Building relationships

Inspiring hope